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Political storm over landgrab charges against CS’ family

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The recent accusations made by Jana Sena Party (JSP) leader Peethala Murthy Yadav against Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy and his family have sparked a fierce political storm in Andhra Pradesh. Yadav’s claims, alleging the involvement of Chief Secretary Reddy and his family in acquiring assigned lands in Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas, have sent shockwaves across the state.
In a press conference held on Sunday, Murthy Yadav doubled down on his accusations against Chief Secretary Reddy, claiming that Reddy has been exploiting lands designated for Scheduled Castes (SCs). Yadav accused Reddy of directly participating in the seizure of SC lands and implicated his son in illegal benami transactions. The gravity of Yadav’s allegations, which include claims of relentless land seizures and the staggering acquisition of 800 acres through illegitimate channels, has ignited widespread demands for accountability and justice.
In response to mounting pressure, Murthy Yadav has called for a comprehensive investigation, proposing either the intervention of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or oversight by a sitting judge. Promising to provide supporting evidence to expose the alleged involvement of Tehsildars in the land seizures, Yadav emphasized the urgency of transparency and swift action.
These accusations not only shine a light on the entrenched issues of corruption and exploitation in Andhra Pradesh but also highlight the challenges faced by marginalized communities. As calls for impartial investigations grow louder, the focus remains on restoring faith in the system and delivering justice to those adversely affected.   Yadav’s call for transparency and accountability resonates as a call for reform, indicating a collective desire for a governance system that prioritizes integrity and serves the interests of all citizens, particularly the marginalized. As this saga unfolds, the hopes for a resolution that addresses these injustices and rebuilds trust in the governance apparatus remain paramount.

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