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Poll code poses problem for farmers in withdrawing money from banks

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The Model Code of Conduct is posing a problem for farmers in withdrawing money deposited by rice millers towards the sale of their farm products.
As the millers credit the money into the farmers’ bank accounts, farmers living in remote villages are forced to travel all the way to the towns and cities to withdraw the money.
The farmers should show proof of carrying more than Rs 50,000. There were instances of officials confiscating the amount even after showing proof during the last Assembly elections. Due to the Model Code of Conduct, the millers are prohibited from paying cash to the farmers.
So far, 30 per cent of the farmers have transported paddy to rice mills at Huzurnagar and Miryalaguda. They are likely to get the money for the sale of paddy in the first week of April till the first week of May. They have to go to the banks in towns and cities to withdraw the money.
The big farmers will be paid at least Rs 5 to 6 lakh by selling the paddy. The farmers will withdraw the money from banks. The bills given by rice mills were not acceptable to the election officials. The farmers cannot show any evidence for the withdrawal of the money.
If the farmers fail to get the money from the banks, they will not be able to meet the expenses and clear the dues. The farmers use the money to meet the input costs of Kharif and rabi, while they use the money realised in rabi season to clear the loans, meet family expenses, pay tuition fees for children in June, procure seeds for the next kharif and to buy diesel for tractors.

The farmers have been appealing to the poll officials to accept the bills given by the rice millers and not to seize the money from farmers.
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