Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tamilisai sabotaged our political careers: Dasoju

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BRS spokesperson Dasoju Sravan penned an open farewell letter to Dr Tamilisai Sounderrajan after she resigned to post of the governor.
Sravan said, “You may kindly recognise that our careers and future lives were sabotaged with your poltical animosity towards the previous government, misguided interpretation of the Constitution and unlawful decision.  However, we whole-heartedly wish you all the best for your ultimate success in your political career.”
He said, “However, it appears that due to either a reliance on immature or misguided legal advice or a contentious decision for reasons known only to you, this genuine expectation was not met.”
Sravan said, “I extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you for choosing to once again enter into direct politics by contesting as a Member of Parliament. Your extensive experience in politics will surely help you manoeuvre through complexities of the political landscape”.
He said, “I wish to submit that in the light of the recent High Court orders in WP 180 & 181 of 2024 dated March 7, 2024, we harboured a genuine hope and trust that wisdom and justice would prevail so that you would be kind enough to rectify your previous erroneous decision and that we will be appointed as MLCs.”
Sravan said, “Madam, let me also respectfully submit that we were deliberately denied justice ignoring that we are from most marginalised communities and also discrediting all our sacrifices, credentials and contribution to the society merely because we have a political background.”
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