Thursday, December 7, 2023

Polling dates add up to our lucky number 6: KTR

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PNS | Hyderabad

Industries Minister KT Rama Rao said that the polling and counting dates add up to KCR’s lucky number 6.

“Polling dates are good as all are 3s. November 30 is the polling day and December 3 is the counting day. So the result will be KCR will be the CM a third time. 3X2=6 is our lucky number,” he said.

“The BRS will register a thumping victory in the Assembly elections in Telangana,” said KTR. He also added that KCR will create history by becoming the first hat-trick CM in South India.

He said that the people of Telangana would endorse the BRS a third time and that the elections would be one-sided. He added that on December 3, KCR will become the Chief Minister for a third term. He said that the achievements of the BRS government and the growth that took place in Telangana in the last nine years under the leadership of KCR will be highlighted during these elections. He added that the BRS has delivered everything that it had promised and that it will help the BRS win the coming election. The opposition parties will lose miserably for cheating the people of Telangana, he added.

“We have already announced our candidates, and our party’s candidates are now in the public. The BRS captain and Chief Ministerial candidate is KCR,” said KTR. The opposition parties need to announce who their Chief Minister candidate is, he said. He said that Godse’s ideologies will not work in Telangana, only Gandhi’s will. He also emphasized that BRS cadres are marching enthusiastically to face the election and that the people want to hoist the pink flag in their hearts.

KTR pointed out that the people know the BRS played a key role in achieving Telangana statehood, and that the TRS won elections for the first time in 2014. Then again in 2018, the people endorsed the BRS due to the welfare programmes it provided to weaker sections.

He expressed confidence that people will acknowledge the 10 years of progress this time and crown BRS once again. He stated that the BRS is fully prepared for elections and that the opposition has already accepted its loss. He added that the history of Telangana is strongly connected with the BRS and that the growth of Telangana is possible only with KCR. He expressed confidence that the BRS will win 100 MLA seats and rewrite old records.

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