Tuesday, December 5, 2023

ABP-C-Voter gives slight edge to Cong

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K Venkateshwarlu

The ABP-C-Voter Opinion Poll gave some good news for the Congress on the day the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the election schedule for the Telangana Assembly polls.

The ABP-C-Voter gave a slight edge to the Congress in Telangana. According to the opinion poll, it is a tough contest between the ruling BRS and the Congress. The opinion poll said that the BRS may secure 43 to 55 seats, while the Congress is expected to win 48 to 60 seats. The BJP, despite campaigns by Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, is projected to win only 5 to 11 seats.

The Congress can gain nearly a 39% vote share in an upswing of 10.5%, followed by the BRS at 37% facing a decline of 9.4% votes. The BJP is also projected to secure 16% of the votes an increase of 9.3%. Meanwhile, former AICC president Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress is winning in Telangana and the BRS is going to face defeat in the Assembly elections.

Speaking to the media in New Delhi on Monday after the announcement of the election schedule by the CEC, Rahul said that the Congress is going to win in Madhya Pradesh and Telangana and it is going to retain Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Senior BRS leader Dasoju Sravan said that the C-Voter survey proved itself once again as the ‘Cheating Voter Survey.’

On Monday Dasoju tweeted saying, “It is ridiculous to conclude that the Congress will win 60 seats, when they are not even able to find competent candidates to contest in almost 50 plus seats. The Congress is stuck with a lot of contradictions, conflicts and confusion and is unable to declare its candidates, he said.

He said that the C-Voter Opinion Poll Survey is a permanent conspiracy aimed at mediocre thought policing and manipulation of voters through dubious, unscientific surveys. They did it in the year 2018 and once again a brazen attempt is being made in 2023. They and their fake surveys will get exposed on 03-12-2023, he said.

KCR will win a third time to stabilise the seeds of the development thrown by him and to strengthen Telangana, he said. No leader in Telangana can match KCR and no party can come close to BRS, Dasoju said.

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