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Pothina stages demo for Vja-West seat

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Vijayawada city president of the Jana Sena Party (JSP), Pothina Venkata Mahesh, led a demonstration at the party’s headquarters in Vijayawada on Monday to express his discontent with the JSP leadership for not nominating him for the Vijayawada-West Assembly constituency.
During the protest, supporters of the JSP, including leaders and activists, rallied behind Mahesh, raising their voices in unison to demand that he be granted the ticket for the Vijayawada-West constituency. They argued that his candidacy was crucial for the success of the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance in the upcoming elections, asserting that Mahesh’s deep roots in the local community made him the most viable candidate.
Addressing the gathering, Mahesh reiterated his commitment to the party and its cause, emphasizing his extensive engagement with the Vijayawada West constituency over the past five years. He stressed his intimate knowledge of the area and its issues, asserting that his candidacy was essential for ensuring the JSP’s victory against the incumbent YSRCP. Mahesh also highlighted the sacrifices made by the party, including the relocation of Velamaplli Srinivasa Rao, to strengthen its position in the region. He expressed confidence in the leadership of party Chief Pawan Kalyan, trusting that his concerns would be addressed and that he would ultimately be chosen as the candidate for Vijayawada-West.
The demonstration underscored the significance of Mahesh’s candidacy within the JSP and its broader electoral strategy, reflecting the party’s determination to secure a strong foothold in the Vijayawada region.

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