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Power employees call off strike

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Big relief to YSRCP Govt


The negotiations held by Energy Minister Pedddireddi Ramachandra Reddy and Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana with the power employees JAC, higher officials and unions to resolve their issues were fruitful, resulting in the cancellation of the indefinite strike called by the AP State Power Employees JAC on Thursday. The cancellation of the indefinite strike has given a big relief to the YSRC government led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The ministers and higher officials took the issues to the notice of CM Jagan, who in turn responded positively.

Ministers Ramachandra Reddy and Satyanarayana said that the employees had announced indefinite strike from Wednesday midnight. The government’s negotiations with the APSPEJAC have yielded results. Due to this, the protest programme has been called off.

The ministers said that theirs was a pro-employee government and the Chief Minister had taken good decisions to benefit everyone. In the meeting, the ministers and officials urged that both the management and the employees need to make a lot of sacrifices to save the electricity companies. The officials of AP Transco, APGENCO, APCPDCL, EPDCL, SPDCL and representatives of JAC have signed approving the proposals of PRC. An agreement has been registered that the government will form a committee with the CMDs of DISCOMS under the leadership of APGENCO MD to correct the anomalies and fix the pay scales.

APSPEJAC leader Chandra Sekhar said that they have brought 12 issues of electricity employees to the notice of the government and got positive response. He said that their intention is not to trouble the public through indefinite strike, but they took the decision as their issues failed to get answers.

CS Dr KS Jawahar Reddy, Energy Department Special Chief Secretary Vijayanand, Finance Department Special Chief Secretary Shamsher Singh Rawat, APGENCO Managing Director KVN Chakradhar Babu, CPDCL CMD J Padma Janardhan Reddy, Transco JMD Malla Reddy, Energy Department Joint Secretary Kumar Reddy, JAC leaders Chandra Sekhar, Pratap Reddy, Sai Krishna, Sesha Reddy, Srinivas Kumar and others participated in the meeting.

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