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Praja Durbar is nothing but ‘Drama Durbar’

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The Praja Darbar is nothing but a ‘Drama Durbar,’ BRS MLA Vemula Prashanth Reddy said.
“The CM attended the Praja Durbar only once. Then he said two days a week. Now even the authorities don’t care about the people. We demand that the government should release a white paper on how many people got their problems solved at the Praja Durbar this month. It is not a Praja Durbar but a Drama Durbar,” he said. “Revanth said that governance is being brought closer to the people. People are being sacrificed in the name of public governance. In the name of receiving applications, people are brought on to the roads. Applications are also taken from those who do not need it,” he said.
A large number of key BRS activists attended the preparatory meeting of the Nizamabad Parliamentary Constituency.
“Our cadres told us to forget the Assembly election defeat and focus on Parliament elections. The karyakartas assured that they would capture the Nizamabad Parliament seat this time. This is our defeat but not a Congress victory. It has been a month since the Congress took over,” he said.
“There are no records indicating that people were bothered by schemes during KCR’s rule. The only new scheme implemented by the Congress government is free bus travel for women. The lack of increase in the number of buses is inconveniencing both men and women. Autorickshaw drivers are now begging. The Rs 15,000 per month employment scheme for autorickshaw drivers should be announced immediately. When the Congress government came, many big companies left Telangana,” he said.
“The CM should make it clear whether he stands by his word on unemployment allowance. There is no Rythu Bharosa scheme and the money under the Rythu Bandhu scheme is still not coming properly. Why is the government not telling how many people have become farmers so far? Revanth said that loans up to Rs 2 lakh would be waived on December 9. The government should say whether the loan has been waived. Within a month, the Congress has done many things that will ‘damage’ Telangana.

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