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Testing time for Revanth, KCR in Lok Sabha polls

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BRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao and TPCC President A Revanth Reddy will once again face each other. Bur now their positions are changed. In December last, both KCR and Revanth faced each other in the Assembly elections. During that elections KCR was BRS President and the Chief Minister. But Revanth was only TPCC President. In the Assembly elections. BRS was defeated and the Congress came to power. Now Revanth is TPCC President and the Chief Minister. But KCR is only the BRS President.
In the coming Lok Sabha elections, KCR and Revanth will be facing each other as former Chief Minister and the Chief Minister respectively.  In Telangana, there are total of 17 Lok Sabha seats. The coming Lok Sabha elections are testing time for both KCR and Revanth. Both are planning to win majority seats in the Lok Sabha elections to show their upper hand in the Telangana politics.
In the previous Lok Sabha elections BRS won 9 seats and the Congress won three seats. Just like in the previous time, now also Lok Sabha elections are coming after three months to the Assembly elections. Winning majority Lok Sabha seats is most important to Chief Minister Revanth than former Chief Minister KCR. If the BRS wins majority seats there are chances of troubles starting for Revanth Reddy within the party.
At the same time the BRS graph will increase and those who want to jump into Congress may rethink. The Congress high command has a lot of hopes on Revanth after winning in the Assembly elections under his leadership as TPCC President. The Congress high command is hoping that Revanth will ensure in winning majority seats. If BRS wins, the image of Revanth in the party high command will decrease.
Setting aside the senior leaders’ opinion Congress high command made Revanth the Chief Minister. In the Telangana Congress disidence may start against Revanth. At present the Congress has just four members against the magic figure to form the government. If BRS wins majority seats it may try to attract some Congress MLAs to create trouble to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy.
If the Congress wins majority Lok Sabha seats the image of Revanth will significantly increase. Within the Telangana party also there will be no threat to his leadership. At the same time the BRS leaders and MLAs also may think of jumping into the Congress. The BRS will further weaken politically and the image of KCR also may get clouded. The coming Lok Sabha elections are a challenge to the image of Revanth and kCR.

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