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Pranavi Manukonda consider a ‘big plus’ to be a Telugu girl

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Recently, we told you how excited actor Sanjay Rao was to be part of Slum Dog Husband movie directed by Dr. AR Sridhar. Today we have actress Pranavi Manukonda, the female lead in the movie, who shared how excited she is about her debut as the female lead on the big screen.

The actress who loved acting since childhood, took inspiration from Anushka Shetty to make a career in acting. As a child artiste, Pranavi is a well-known name in Telugu households and she is someone who is very active on social media. And guess what, it is because of her reels that she was called to audition for this movie.

She said, “The Slum Dog Husband title seemed very new. The story is also new. I read the entire script and I was laughing the entire time. I never got bored. Emotions are high in this movie. The director balanced the emotions along with the fun ride. My role is not like a regular heroine character. All kinds of emotions are involved. That’s why I made this film. It was my first film and I was a bit nervous. I am happy to get a film opportunity under such a good banner. I worked with big artists in my first film. I am glad to find such luck.”

The actress who has prior experience in acting for Telugu serials, used to finish her scenes in just two takes for this movie, as she mentioned and she considers herself lucky to be a Telugu girl so it was even easy for her to mouth her dialogues with ease. She shared, “I consider it a big plus to be a Telugu girl. The nativity we have is special. Those who come from other languages do not. Apart from regular characters, I think the roles I play should be given priority. If the character demands, I will play glamour or de-glamour. Now all my focus is on movies.”

Moreover, during the media interaction, she shared that she could very freely act with her co-star Sanjay without any fear.

Produced by Appireddy and Venkat Annapareddy, this film is going to release on July 29.

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