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Priesthood as Brahmin profession demanded

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Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao assured that the Union government will consider the demand for priesthood as a Brahmin profession, according to leaders of the Andhra Pradesh Purohita Brahmin Samakhya stated on Sunday. Retired director of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation Yamijala, former advisor of Andhra Pradesh Endowments Department Ch Ramakotaiah and president secretaries and representatives of Andhra Pradesh Purohita Brahmin Samakhya met GVL, who is on a visit to Visakhapatnam.
They said that MP GVL responded positively to their grievances. They asked why the Vedavyas scheme for students learning Vedas stopped. Is Vedas not a part of education? Are they not eligible for Amma Vodi?
They stated that while community buildings are given to all communities, Brahmins are not given minimum space for community building. There are two lakh priests across the state in a pathetic situation. They demanded to recognize priesthood as a Brahmin profession
It was explained that the condition of lakhs of people who studied Vedas become miserable without any encouragement from the government as priests, and the priests of the Brahmin social class are suffering as they are not getting any welfare schemes, they said.

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