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Priyamani Raj: Telling it like it is, Shah Rukh Khan does smell divine

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Ahead of the most-anticipated film Jawan hitting theaters today, The Pioneer connects with actress Priyamani, who once again collabs with King Khan after 10 long years.


Priyamani’s next is with box-office sensation Shah Rukh Khan, and this time, it’s not just a special song beside King Khan but a completely developed role in Jawan. Jawan has already amassed a record-breaking global collection of nearly Rs. 40 crore through advance booking, with over nine lakh tickets sold for shows across leading cinema chains. But we had a different set of questions to ask one of the leading ladies of Jawan since SRK has claimed this movie to be a movie for women.

“I am as pleased as punch to get offers from everywhere now—I would have never missed out on a chance to work with this director and the man of the hour, Shah Rukh Khan. My only reason to sign this film was the overjoyed scenes with the leading actor,” shared the national award-winning actress.

Jawan is poised to emerge as the biggest opener of all time, both domestically and globally. Early projections suggest that the movie could potentially cross the Rs. 125 crore mark worldwide on its opening day, thus dethroning the current record-holder, Pathaan.

So how thrilled is Priyamani? Well, “I am eagerly waiting for the day of release—my character isn’t exhibited so much in the trailer, so it will only be fair for me when audiences form an opinion about my arch once they watch it in the theaters. All the girls in the movie are fighting for something that is right!”

The statements are true: Shah Rukh, in actual fact, does smell good, and his co-actor is
here to corroborate this. “He smells divine! I am sharing the screen space with him almost after ten years; life comes full circle. I have no idea how he looks so young and fit! So well-read, a funny chap, and that care towards the whole crew makes us respect him profoundly.”

The film, helmed by Atlee, has left cinephiles excited. Even before the film’s release, the film was the top trend on Twitter. Among those eagerly waiting for the film’s release is South Indian superstar Mahesh Babu. Taking to Twitter, he posted a heartfelt message wishing the Jawan team The actress continues, “Gauri and Shah together are a power couple. She has proved it since time immemorial! Whatever she touches will turn into gold; that’s Gauri’s charisma. Everyone got equal importance in the film, regardless of the ensemble cast, most of whom were women. I didn’t feel lesser than any of them!”

Notably, a viral dance video featuring the song Zinda Banda,” sung by Anirudh Ravichander, has been making waves on the internet. Priyamani is dancing to his tunes too! She described this feeling as, “I know the choreographer, Shobi Master; he gave me a chance because he knew he could manage the way I dance. I was not worried for myself; I was anxious about the other girls and whether they would be able to adapt to our Southern style (she laughed). All of them became professionals all of a sudden.” She got a call from Mukesh Chabra, who connected her to Atlee—the moment he mentioned Shah Rukh Khan… Priyamani signed the script!

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