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Protest at police station over arrests

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Tension prevailed at Veldurti police station in Palnadu district after the arrest of two Telugu Desam party activists by the police on Wednesday.

TDP leaders said that TDP leader Julakanti Brahma Reddy along with a large number of followers went to attend a private function. TDP activists in large numbers followed him holding party flags. They held a bike rally with TDP flags. The police arrested two TDP activists and whisked them away to the police station.

Knowing that two TDP activists were arrested and detained in a police station, the irate TDP activists rushed to the police station and started raising slogans against the police. Julakanti Brahma Reddy tried to go into the police station but the police obstructed him.

Furious over this, the TDP activists tried to barge into the police station which led to a jostle between the TDP activists and the police in which a woman activist fainted. TDP leader Brahma Reddy expressed anger over the police for arresting two TDP activists for no reason and demanded the release of the activists.

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