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Raghunandan Rao alleges ‘relations’ between Revanth and KCR families

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 BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Medak Lok Sabha constituency M Raghunandan Rao alleged on Sunday that there is a “relation” between the former chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy’s families and hence the Congress government is not arresting BRS Medak Lok Sabha candidate Venkatrami Reddy.
Raghundan said that he found no difference between Revanth Reddy and KCR. KCR appointed MLA who won on cycle symbol as minister. Revanth Reddy gave tickets to the MLA who won on car symbol, he pointed out.
While participating in the meet-the-press programme on Sunday, Raghunandan Rao warned the Chief Minister of trying times ahead. He said, “Revanth Reddy’s sixth sense is working perfectly and hence he commented in Mahabubnagar that a conspiracy is hatched against him.
Raghunandan Rao accused Revanth Reddy of being involved in the Cash-for-Vote case.
Raghunandan Rao found fault with former minister T Harish Rao and Revanth Reddy for criticising him saying “Whether Raghunandan Rao, who lost elections in Dubbaka, will be able to win Medak.”  Raghunandan asked Harish Rao to tell how KCR, who lost the election in Kamareddy, can embark upon bus Yatra. He asked why Revanth Reddy contested from Malkajgiri after losing the election in Kodangal. Raghunandan Rao asked CM Revanth Reddy to tell how many BCs are there in his cabinet.

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