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‘Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi has love, romance, and suspense’

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When we say a movie is being made in the backdrop of Godavari district, one only imagines a feel-good love entertainer like Uyyala Jampala and its likes. However, Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi, a rural entertainer set in a Godavari backdrop, is set to break that thought of audience.
Although a romantic genre film, this film has a thriller element that sets it apart from its counterparts.
Directed by debutant Satya Raj, the movie stars actor Ravi Teja Nunna and popular Hindi television star Neha Jurel in key roles that ooze romance and create chills in the film.
While the director-actor duo were busy interacting with the media in Hyderabad, The Pioneer grabbed a quick moment to converse with them, during which the director informed us that: “This is a thriller about love and crime. We have a charming love story with a crime element in addition to showcasing Godavari’s natural splendour. Although our posters and videos show it as a love story, we haven’t yet disclosed our key twist, which we intend to do exclusively in theatres. We won’t be disclosing some important details because we wanted to maintain the element of surprise.”
Moreover, he mentioned to us that because of the huge romance element in the movie, he chose a Hindi-native girl to play the female role, despite the fact that all the other cast members and technicians are Telugu natives.
Produced by Kumari Nunna and Mutyala Ram Das under Venkata Siva Sai Films and Tanvika and Mokshika Creations, the movie will hit theaters on March 9.
Meanwhile, the lead actor, Ravi Teja Nunna, who is also a co-producer of the film, shared that it was very uncomfortable for him to play the romantic parts in the movie. He shared, “I’ve been attempting to pursue acting for some time now. I also completed a Tamil film, although it hasn’t been released yet. When Satya told the story afterward, I was impressed. I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted by the audience in an action movie, but since Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi deals with thrillers, I thought it was safe for me to make my lead acting debut.”
Coming to the story of the film, Raju Garu Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi is the story of a cheerful, carefree child who falls in love with a girl. But rivalries in the countryside pose a threat to their shared future. All the blame for the woman’s murder suddenly lies with the main character. In order to prove his innocence, how far will the main character go? An exciting, humorous, romantic, and action-packed movie is what the movie claims to be.
Another key attraction of this movie is that it has music by Roshan Saluri, the son of popular composer Koti. Both Satya and Ravi Teja compared Roshan’s music with Mani Sharma’s music. “He gave 10 times more than our expectations,” they said. – KRS
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