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Ready to die for people: Pawan

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PNS | Srikakulam

Coming down heavily on Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and some ministers, Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has vowed to continue his war against the misrule of YSRCP facing life threats to him and sacrifice his life for the people.

Addressing a mammoth ‘Yuvasakthi’ public meeting at Ranasthalam village on Thursday, Pawan Kalyan exhorted the people to fight against the injustice and wrong policies of the government and assured them of his support.

Pawan Kalyan called Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy “Moodu Mukkala Mukyamantri” and alleged that he is involved in online gambling.He also lambasted Jagan Mohan Reddy stating that he is a ‘psychopath and an irrational man’  who laughs without a reason.  

“I did not fear your father (YSR) and am not afraid of you (Jagan Reddy). Now prisoner no. 6093 (Jagan Reddy) is criticising me. If the leaders say I am a ‘package’ leader, I will slap you.

I speak on the welfare of people but not on castes nor use filthy language,” he said. “I know how to face the YSRCP goondas and idiots. I will be in politics till my last breath” he announced.  

Infusing courage in the youth of the North AP region, Pawan Kalyan asked him not to panic about police cases and be prepared to even go to jail to fight against injustice. He said that even if the people do not support him he would continue his battle against the YSRCP’s misrule alone.

He said that the youth have anger but they have also fear and that is why they were not opposing the misrule, he opined, adding that he dislikes cowardliness.Pawan Kalyan expressed anger over Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao for his statement on separate statehood for the North AP region and asked him to fight against the privatisation of the steel plant.

“The Jagan Reddy-headed government has mortgaged Rs 2,900 crore worth of lands in Visakhapatnam,” he said and asked the minister what he was doing when lands were being mortgaged. AP has become famous for the Sheelavathi variety of ganja, he regretted.

“I am being abused by some idiots (YSRCP leaders). Diamond Rani (RK Roja),  Sambarala Rambabu (Ambati Rambabu), and IT Minister Gudivada Amarnath abuse me personally.
I am ready to endure the abuse for the sake of people,” he said, adding that he was suffering the wounds of defeat in two constituencies for the people.

Pawan Kalyan assured the people of North AP regions of taking steps to stop the migration of labour, develop the region provide all facilities, and construct jetties for fishermen if voted to power. He also promised to implement all existing welfare schemes and introduce some more schemes for the poor.

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