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BRS netas honing public speaking skills

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BRS netas are honing their public speaking skills and some even their physical fitness.
Some BRS leaders are not just giving points before their public speeches but also are being advised on gestures, body language and local dialects. BRS leaders who visit other constituencies ensure that they give up their original language and speak in the local dialect.

Highly placed sources said that one big BRS leader is checking before his speech not just what to talk, but how to talk, his gestures, hand movements and everything else. Sources said that one can only suggest but ultimately what happens on stage depends on the politician’s skill.

“Language skills play a key role and we just cannot give an adversary an opportunity to point out a mistake. Engaging with the audience is another key point.This is typically done by KCR, who tells people to be quiet or acknowledges people when they laugh or scold someone. That 30 seconds to a minute will ensure personal connect,” said sources.

The ability to narrate, connect with people in their own language and touch their hearts is high on the agenda of politicians especially as 2023 is an election year.“It is constant learning and a lot of them are good at the skill. Being in the ruling party there is only that much we can speak, we can’t go ballistic.

The BJP is driving people with emotions. It’s evident that the hike in fuel and LPG prices and inflation is not affecting them, but their sharp words are making an impact. We need to go out all out and speak in the people’s language to break this.

We need to be more conscious as even a slip of the tongue can cost a lot due to social media,” a BRS MLA said.

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