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Red Cross trains NCC cadets in annual training camp

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The NCC Battalion of Kakinada Region, encompassing the former Godavari and Krishna districts, is holding a 10-day Annual Training Camp in Vuyyuru. The camp features 700 cadets from various colleges and high schools participating in the training sessions. As part of an MoU between NCC and the AP Red Cross, the AP Red Cross is providing training in CPR, blood donation, and environmental protection to these cadets over two days.
During the inauguration of the Red Cross training sessions, BVS Kumar, the State Coordinator for Red Cross Blood Banks & Projects in Andhra Pradesh, announced that the cadets will also be enrolled as Red Cross volunteers and receive training in disaster relief activities.
Ajith Singh, Warrant Officer and Camp Coordinator for the NCC mentioned that the cadets undergo rigorous training in all NCC activities during the camp. He highlighted that an exclusive firing range has been established to facilitate rifle shooting practice. Balaji, Chairman of the Krishna District Red Cross unit, explained the principles and activities of the Red Cross in the district. Additionally, Annamma Shankarnadh from the Red Cross provided training on CPR and blood donation techniques.

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