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Revanth to close BRS shop Already lures 26 MLAs; aims to merge

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Supremely confident, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy seems determined to close the ‘BRS shop’ in Telangana.
When contacted by The Pioneer regarding reports and speculations over BRS legislators joining Congress en masse, Revanth’s close associate said that about “26 BRS MLAs” were in touch with them. The moment Revanth Reddy opens the gate for joining, BRS MLAs will flock to the Congress, he amplified.
In fact, Revanth Reddy cryptically said that they already had an ‘action plan’ for implementation, should KCR try to topple the government. All of this suggests that the numbers loaded are in favour of the Congress party, sources reasoned.
Interestingly, 26 is the magic figure needed for BRSLP’s merger with the Congress. There are 39 BRS MLAs and 26 means two- thirds of the party legislators. This is enough for the BRSLP merger. This means BRS will no longer exist.
While a dozen BRS MLAs have officially met and pictures have been released, sources indicated that unofficially there were discussions happening.  He said: “If we open the gates, no one will be left in BRS”.
This explains why Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has been claiming confidently that BRS legislators would ensure that the Congress government is not toppled.
On Saturday, he said: “In fact, BRS MLAs are ready to ensure that this government is not toppled”. This only means that they are in touch with the MLAs. Claiming that BRS MLAs don’t want autocratic rule of KCR, the TPCC chief said: “BRS MLAs who met me said, ‘Whenever you want, we will come and  stand by you and do whatever you say’. If that situation of toppling comes, and if we are strongly decided, except for 3-4 members, 5th MLA won’t remain in BRS.”
“We did not think of defections when we came to power. If they decide to topple the government, we will try to stand off. We will teach them lesson. We have an action plan if they try to topple our government”, Revanth said.
Revanth warned: “If you try to to think of toppling our government, by the time you wake up, no one will be left next to you, including your clothes. Congress is sure to be in power for 10 years.”
It is the same as what KCR did to the Congress in 2018, when he split the Congress and merged CLP with BRS.

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