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Revanth wrote love letter to Modi: Harish

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Siddipet MLA and former minister Harish Rao said what is there to see in Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy’s 100-day rule to vote for Congress. During a chit chat with the media on Wednesday, Harish Rao said, “He wrote a love letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the guise of white paper and black paper. Revanth Reddy spent his time in those 100 days on white and black paper before expressing support for BJP in a saffron paper “love letter.””
Revanth conveyed a message that Modi will become the Prime Minister again and goes without saying that Congress will not win. party supremo Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi said that the Gujarat model is autocratic. But, Revanth wants Gujarati model. How can they ask for votes in elections without giving bonus to rice.?. Revanth was wrong about the 4 assurances given to the farmers. They have no  right to ask for vote only if 6 guarantees are implemented”.
He said that the election code will come in 10 days then why should Chief Minister Revanth Reddy praise Modi? “They said that they will waive the loan on December 9, but it has not been implemented so far. There is no allocation of farmer loan waiver funds in the budget. Farmers were told that they would give a bonus of Rs.500 per quintal, but it has not been given so far. A bonus of Rs 500 should be given to every person who comes”, Harish demanded.
Harish Rao complained that the State is facing drought after the Congress came to power. He said that the crisis has become so acute that the need to provide water to crops through tankers arises.
Revanth Reddy urged the public to vote for Congress in the parliamentary election, citing his 100 days of ruling.
He suggested that Revanth Reddy values Modi’s blessings over those of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.
Revanth Reddy promised to waive 2 lakh crop loans on December 9, but no budget allocation was made for farmer loan waivers.

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