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Rewriting history of social welfare

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Thirty years ago Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi told Parliament once that of every Rupee that is being spent by the Government of India, only 15 paisa reaches the actual beneficiaries, that is, the poorest of the poor.

But till 2019 no politician in this country cared about the gross misuse of public money. After taking over as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy focused on this aspect and ensured that every Rupee is credited in the account of the beneficiary.

He rewrote the history of welfare. There are no middlemen, no recommendations, no commission, and no struggle for the poor, old, disabled, single, women, and children. Money goes straight into the accounts of 7,46,80,856 beneficiaries, that is, Rs 1,79,170.37 crore through Direct Benefit Transfer.

Under Jagan, the AP Government has given utmost priority to women and child welfare and safety through several schemes like Amma Vodi, Vidya Deevena, Vasathi Deevena, Videshi Deevena which provides aid to women to send their children to school from class 1 to 12.

Jagananna Amma Vodi reached 44.48 lakh beneficiaries and Rs 19,617.53 crore was spent for securing the future of kids.

Through Jagananna Vasati Deevena 18,77,863 beneficiaries benefitted from Rs 3,349.57 crore. Through Jagananna Vidya Deeven 24,74,544 beneficiaries got Rs 9,051.57 crore. Through Videsi Vidya Deevena 1,645 beneficiaries got Rs 112.46 crore.

Emphasising the government’s commitment to the welfare of farmers through YSR Rythu Bharosa 52,38,517 farmers got Rs Rs 25,971.33 crore credited to their bank accounts. The scheme YSR Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu benefitted 73,87,602 farmers and they got Rs 1,442.66 crore.

Through Dr YSR Free Crop Insurance 44,27,641 farmers got Rs 6,684.8 crore in their accounts. By giving input subsidies to 20,39,823 farmers, Jagan has the credit of transferring Rs 1,834.83 crore. Under Matsyakara Bharosa 1,19,875 citizens got Rs 418 crore.

It’s not every day that the government can touch one crore beneficiaries but through YSR ‘Sunna’ Vaddi (SHGs) Jagan reached 1,02,16,410 women by transferring Rs 3,615.28 crore to them.

The social security of citizens is paramount for Jagan and through the YSR Pension Kanuka, the 50-year-old is helping 62,79,486 beneficiaries by spending the highest amount of Rs 61,538.86 crore. Through YSR Cheyutha 26,39,703 beneficiaries got Rs 14,110.62 crore.

The 78,74,438 beneficiaries of YSR Aasara were able to draw money as Jagan didn’t hesitate to spend Rs 12,757.97 crore. Through YSR Bima 1,03,171 beneficiaries got Rs 1,681.93 crore credited into their bank accounts.

Even though Kapus kept struggling for decades for the first time Jagan helped 3.38 lakh Kapus through the YSR Kapu Nestam by spending Rs 1,492 crore.Giving a lending hand to handlooms, through YSR Netanna Nestam 81,783 beneficiaries got help amounting to Rs 776.13 crore.

Jagan realised that no person should be left and he ensured that through Jagananna Chedodu. He reached out to Rajakas, Tailors and Nayee Brahmins and around 2.98 lakh people got Rs 583.78 crore.

Through YSR Law Nestham 2,012 beneficiaries got Rs 23.70 crore while through YSR Vahana Mitra 2.74 lakh beneficiaries got Rs 1,032.02 crore.

Health is wealth and the Dr YSR Arogya Asara helped 12,84,238 people at a cost of Rs 767.31 crore. The revolutionary Dr YSR Arogya Sri programme benefits 22,33,466 lakh people at an expense of Rs 7,338.76 crore.

With entrepreneurship high on agenda, Jagan became a helping hand for businesses through MSMEs Restart and transferred Rs 2,086.42 crore into the accounts of 23,236 beneficiaries.

Even Agrigold victims were not left out like previous governments but Rs 905.57 crore was credited to 10.40 lakh beneficiaries.

Secularism was displayed at its best by Jagan who provided one-time financial assistance to 77,290 Archakas, Imams, Mouzams and Pastors costing Rs 37.71 crore.

Nearly 1.34 crore people benefitted through the Special Covid Assistance to White Card Holders amounting to Rs 1,350.54 crore. Under the YSR EBC, Jagan helped 3.92 lakh beneficiaries by crediting Rs 589 crore to them.

While these are the direct benefit transfers, there are non-DBT schemes benefitting 2.73 crore people costing Rs 1.41 lakh crore.

Staying true to the words of Rajiv Gandhi, Jagan who turns 50 today won many hearts. There are 10.20 crore beneficiaries of various schemes undertaken by the Jagan government which spends Rs 3.20 lakh crore to ensure that the poorest of the poor gets help.

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