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RGV Wants Volunteers To File A Case On Pawan Kalyan!

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Pawan Kalyan is busy with back-to-back programs and political events. AT regular intervals, he is holding the programs and targets the ruling party leaders. He is not leaving any stone unturned to target the opponents. Following the same, the Janasena chief increased the political heat in the state with his sensational comments.

Pawan Kalyan alleged that thousands of girls are missing in the state and the Volunteers are behind this. He alleged that they are gathering details and giving it to the anti-social elements. On top of this, Pawan Kalyan quoted the Central agencies as saying.

The volunteers are not happy with this and they are hitting back at Pawan Kalyan. Not just the Volunteers, but their supporters are also giving strong counters to Pawan Kalyan who made shocking allegations. The allegations he made became a hot topic in the state now.

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma entered the scene and lashed out at the Jana Sena chief. Reacting to this, the director asked how Pawan Kalyan can make such allegations.

Adding further, the filmmaker also urged the Volunteers to file a criminal case against Pawan as he made disgusting comments. How can they show their faces to their families if they won’t file a case, RGV asked.

Well, the director did not stop there. Ram Gopal Varma went on to say that, Pawan says he read 2 lakh books, but the zero evidence allegations he is making says that he is not well read, he opined. Adding further, RGV said that it would not be a shock if he blames Jagan for the 9/11 attack.

It has to be mentioned here that, RGV has been targeting Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu for the past few years. Earlier, he made Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu. Now the director is busy with Vyuham which will show the political picture in the state after the demise of YSR.

Of late, RGV is not leaving any opportunity to target Pawan Kalyan. It appears that RGV decided to let the big chance to lash out at Pawan. In a series of tweets, the senior director came down severely on Pawan.

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