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‘Riteish, Genelia are the quintessential couple of this industry’

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Shikha Duggal

When Jiya Shankar posted her upcoming film’s teaser on her social media, the Entha Andanga Unnave fame was showered with love and encouragement. However, there were also comments on social media about Ved looking a lot like Telugu film Majili.

Recently, the director and the co-lead Riteish Deshmukh had confirmed that indeed, the movie is inspired by Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu starrer Majili.

Adapting it to the Marathi culture now, the actress is overjoyed and exclusively shared with us, “My character is full of life, believes in living in the moment which is slightly relatable to me too. I am a visionary, not rooted from money and ignore the haters if any. The character cherishes the present moment and doesn’t dwell in the past. So, there were no preparations! Tad bit worried about time to come though, that’s the only ideology that sets me apart from the role (she laughs).”

There is nothing more exhilarating than falling in love, especially deeply and the Kanavu Variyam star feels the same. She described, “Since the movie revolves around feeling butterflies, or work and tricks to be together — in my real life, I would love to date somebody who is a reflection of me in true sense. Seems a little out of the question, although one who isn’t afraid of falling in love is an attractive quality to have. I am totally old-school when it comes to love, Ved will show you how not to skip on the small moments. Writing love letters and chivalrous gestures are missing in today’s gen! I am ready to do the same, but a partner who is willing to overcome the challenges with me is what I always look for. Quite understandable the way love will be in Ved too.”

Being around Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza was as pretty as a picture for Jiya, she explains so, “They really are a consummate couple. Not afraid to show the public display of affection at all (she giggled). Emphasising on it, the way Riteish treats his wife is over the moon sort of feeling for other women around him and vice versa. They have found their lasting love.”

She stresses the cine-goers from across the country to watch Ved, even if one doesn’t know Marathi since, “There are two love stories going on simultaneously in the film. The way industry chaos is turning out to be day by day, I insist my fans to watch it in the theatres only for a much better experience. It’s a musical film, celluloid will be the best way to give justness to our hard-work behind making Ved. Even if you don’t know Marathi, please watch it with subtitles!”

The film also talks of relationship voids and presently, also a television actress Jiya does feel revoked feelings, telling us, “I want to come home to a partner, totally. We cannot survive alone, just not feasible. I really am waiting for the love of life to knock on my door (she sheepishly laughs) So, the void is there! It’s been a while I am single, missing having somebody by my side now. I have grown out of immense pain from few of my past relationships, yet know how to adore the memories. There is no such thing as you can’t live without someone because Ved also shows you the similar feeling that one can find love again! My first split was horrible, it was heart-breaking. When you watch Ved you’ll also understand the importance of self-healing. The focus is not at all on rebounds.”

It was a viral social media reel that put Jiya Shankar on a spotlight and the couple spotted the former actress as one of the best fits for the co-lead in Ved. “It didn’t feel like it’s Riteish’s directorial debut at all. I would love to work with him all over again and he aced both the departments,” she signs off.

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