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Saachi Bindra:I just had to focus on being in the moment for Sohnneyaa

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Saachi Bindra, who recently made her acting debut with Shreya Ghoshal’s latest track Sohnneyaa, gets candid with The Pioneer, and discusses the song, her journey, upcoming projects, and more.

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Saachi Bindra has made her acting debut with Shreya Ghosal’s Sohnneyaa. The song also featuring Laqshay Kapoor released on February 6 and it is making all the good noise ever since. Saachi who is super elated with the response the song is getting from all corners spoke to us exclusively about the song, her future project and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Firstly can you tell us how Sohnneyaa happened?

I’ve been auditioning for 5-6years. It’s been a tough journey, I won’t lie. A lot of good days but a lot of bad days too. About a year ago I started screen testing for a few projects with Dharma. Shauna happened to see one of them and called me in for the meeting!

What’s the memorable moment shooting for the song?

 To be honest I can’t pick out any one particular moment. For me it was the whole journey . Right from rehearsals and workshops to shoot. It was a fun ride! In a very short span, you gained great popularity inside and outside the industry.

Do you credit this to your persona or your hard work?

I definitely think hard work. Persona is something that keeps evolving and keeps changing as you keep growing too. Hard work and dedication are two things I definitely think are needed not just in this industry in any career path one chooses.

For Sohnneyaa, have you done any kind of homework? If yes, what was that?

More than homework I think because it was such an emotional song with so much love and depth I just had to focus on being in the moment. Feeling the moment is most important. There were no dialogues and infact that’s the hard part. To emote without dialogues is something tricky so that was my main focus to deliver, feel the moment and emotion just through expressions.

Can you take us through your journey to acting?

Ever since I was a child I’ve always wanted to act! The 2-3 hours I used to watch a movie I used to be in another world, in a dream land. All I could do is imagine myself there. I started assisting directing right after my 12th grade with Mr. Amole Gupte.

I think what a set teaches you no acting school can. I then started working on my craft with various workshops and acting classes. Simultaneously auditioning as well. It’s been about 5-6 years now. A lot of rejections and bad days but finally I’m grateful and thankful for my very first project!

As actors, We all have a specific genre or character that we want to portray. Do you have any such role in your mind and why?

To be honest as an actor I want to explore it all! I want to do a film like Highway but also do a film like Ram Leela. I want to do challenging and different roles. I want to tell different stories, that’s exciting for me. Hopefully I get a chance to do versatile roles and prove myself.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your performances?

There are so many great actors in our country and I take a little bit of inspiration from all. I love watching movies and just observing scenes and actors. From Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone to Radhika Apte I think everyone has so much to offer to us newcomers.

Which types of acting do you feel you are most suited for and why? Who is your biggest critique?

Umm suited for I don’t know cause I can’t judge myself but what I would love to do is something like Alia Bhatt in highway. I love the graph her character had and I would love to do something like that. That would be my ideal role. My biggest critic has to be my dad.

He’ll watch my auditions repeatedly and dissect it to just give an honest review. My mom loves everything I do cause you know how moms can get but when it comes to being brutally honest it has to be my dad.

Can you take us through your upcoming projects?

I have been screen testing and auditioning for a few projects which I can’t talk much about but hopefully something soon! Fingers crossed.

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