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‘Hyderabad, a city with advanced medical facilities’

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For this week’s edition of Hyderabond, The Pioneer connects with Dr. Akash Chaudhary, a senior gastroenterologist, hepatologist and interventional endoscopist at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, takes a trip down memory lane and talks about his association with the city and briefly looks at the major causes for the increasing number of obesity cases.

Tejal Sinha

Obesity generally means having too much of body fat, which is different from being overweight.The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water. Both terms mean that a person’s weight is greater than what’s considered healthy for his or her height.

Obesity happens over time when you eat more calories than you use. The balance between calories-in and calories-out differs for person-to-person. Factors that might affect your weight could include genetics, overeating, eating high-fat foods, and not being physically active.

Obesity in fact can also increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and some cancers. If you have obesity, losing even 5 to 10% of your weight can delay or prevent some of these diseases. As today (March 4), marks World Obesity Day, that encourages practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight,

undertake proper treatment, and reverse the obesity crisis, we at The Pioneer interacted with Dr. Akash Chaudhary, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Interventional Endoscopist, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, for our new segment of Hyderabond this week.

Hailing from  Unnao (UP), Dr. Akash shares a great association with the ‘city of Nizams’, as his maternal side of family resides here.

“The city has always welcomed me with open arms and continues to make me feel loved and feels like I always belonged from Hyderabad. I have visited many other cities, which feels like a vacation but coming to Hyderabad feels like home sweet home,”shares the doc, adding, “The advanced medical and surgical procedures including  Robotics which are done in Hyderabad is an eye opener for me.”

When asked about one of his fondest memories here, he recalled, “I have so many memories of Hyderabad especially as a child. All our cousins used to climb the Naubat Pahad and go to Birla Planetarium. Hyderabad is one of the best cities with advanced medical facilities. Being a superspecialist I got the opportunity to work with one of the best in the field and am able to do Advanced Endoscopic Procedures.”

Obesity is generally caused by consuming more calories – particularly those in fatty and sugary foods – than you burn off through physical activity. The excess energy is stored by the body as fat. Obesity is an increasingly common problem because for many people modern living involves eating excessive amounts of cheap, high-calorie food and spending a lot of time sitting down, at desks, on sofas or in cars. Dr. Akash couldn’t agree much as he says, “The reason that many are becoming obese day by day is because of our sedentary lifestyle, Increased TV time, lessoutdoor activity and junk food is causing obesity.”

Obesity is a major concern in children as it leads to early type-2 diabetes, breathing disorders, hypertension, joint pains and cardiovascular disorders. If you’re worried that your child is putting on too much weight, you can consult to his or her doctor. The doctor will consider your child’s history of growth and development, your family’s weight-for-height history, and where your child lands on the growth charts.

This can help determine if your child’s weight is in an unhealthy range.Ending the conversation on a brighter note, he concludes, “Our hospitals have become global villages where people from different cultures and languages interact with doctors and get healed.”

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