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Sacrifices, breakdown and betrayal!

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Without a doubt, Bigg Boss is a massive franchise – but the content given by the contenders is sometimes so faulty that it creates a ruckus in their minds, once they are evicted. In the recent episode, when scandalous revelations were made against actor Shalin Bhanot, we saw him going through mental health issues inside the house, where at the moment he’s being consulted by a psychiatrist offered by the makers. The Pioneer’s Shikha Duggal connects with a few ex-contestants, who share their takes on the same.

The actor recently went on air and shrikes: “I am feeling worried and lonely. I am unable to take the insulting behaviour from Tina Datta. One can’t talk about my ex-wife inside this house, they don’t have the license to. Tina’s voice is haunting me! Neither do I want my mental situation to become content for viewers. I think, am sinking into depression. Getting unbearable anxiety. A person like me is going through mental issues, so why can’t the makers give us some offline space? I do not agree with the show’s extension either, the house is eating me up inside out. I am extremely frustrated from the inside but can’t show it on cameras: that’s how distressed the situation is. I don’t want my fans to see a depressed Shalin Bhanot! Can’t even get candid inside the confession room because the cameras just don’t stop rolling.”

Soundarya Sharma: Divisive viewers reactions
Inside the house, there will be an out spur of emotions — I was crying. Mujhe attachment hogayi. Salman Khan was constantly asking us “what is it?”and I didn’t want to stretch it like a rubber band on national television. You say something inside the house, and fans start to get upset outside. And, when you come outside — that public backlash is too much to take for your brain’s mental well-being.

A duplicate Bigg Boss will be running on social media these days and it’s horrendous to read some tweets. Few contestants throw attitude inside, not ready to take this drama sometimes. You are not in a mood! I wasn’t feeling lonely, it was by choice that I was on my own for the last few days because I can’t fake it inside.

And then you have to go through internal politics that can sometimes cost you your exit! You severely feel unstable inside the house sometimes and it’s good to have a wellness team on standby for such shows.

Vishal Kotian’s emotional stress as a contender
If you are not ready for the mental game, as an ex-contestant would suggest one to not enter and waste an opportunity of a lifetime. The makers never force us! I cried too, and felt lonely too. If you are feeling too self-involved, aggressive, arrogant or frustrated: Salman Khan comes and tightens our screws ( he laughed). “Joh dikhta hai, woh bikta hai”— for the sake of TRPs few contestants in my season were given preferences which made me feel deceived. I was trying my best to attract as many eyeballs as I can! Controversies, gossips, or be it episodes of catfights: that sometimes make us forget to be kind because we get too involved in the show. Apart from genuine mental breakdowns, I have seen contenders “acting to be emotional” which is so bizarre for me. You are setting off anxiety issues in the wrong direction by “acting”! If a scandalous revelation is revealed about you inside the house — image correction is the only way out. Low self-esteem and frustration won’t take you anywhere as I can see in the current season. Few of them are lacking self-worth and howl when they experience an emotional burst out. It’s traumatic for viewers to watch.

Nikki Tamboli: Having a backbone in the house
When I entered the show for the second time, I felt myself frailing. There was a time in the house when all the housemates were against me except for Sidharth Shukla who was fortunately present as a mentor there. I needed that guidance from him! These situations make you miss your family then. You get so infuriated inside, you’ll get ready to walk on the path of betrayal too! And then there is the other facet, you will sacrifice too. That’s the dynamic of that house. In my second innings, it was only Rubina Dilak who didn’t let me get insulted ever. If my body was aching post a task, she used to take care of me like her younger sister. These things keep you mentally sane in that house. There was another way of keeping yourself in a sound mind: head inside the confession room and speak your heart out to Bigg Boss. That move allows the contestants to able to think clearly ahead in the game without losing the plot.

Dalljiet Kaur: Exposing your annoyance
The house’s intensity is so much that you become vulnerable all of a sudden. You end up exposing your annoyance. You start taking wrong decisions on national television under the influence of exasperation because you have no idea what is going on outside. Bigg Boss house is full of judgements, you have signed a contract that will uncover your layers of personality as each day passes by. I have seen contestants not even acknowledging their irritation. They instead justify that and then behaviour evokes irritability in us also! Being locked up for more than a hundred days can cause feelings of indignation in anyone. Only real friendships will allow you to sustain yourself in that house without losing the mental track! When my son’s name was being pronounced repetitively in the house and is also in this season by his father — it disturbs me to no end even being outside the house. I want Shalin to play with courage now, I don’t want him to be susceptible to negative criticism.

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