Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sajjala hits out at TDP for data theft

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YSRCP general secretary and Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has alerted the people in the State to be aware as the TDP gangs are on the rampage across the state to cheat the people once again using latest technology through their websites.
Addressing media persons on Tuesday, the Government Advisor alleged that the TDP is no less than international criminal gangs. He said the TDP announced super six and adopted son promised 5 assurances totaling 11 assurances. With no clarity on the manifesto released by the TDP –BJP the party activists are barging into the houses of the people collecting data and giving a card, assuring them that Rs 2.4 lakh will be deposited in the account after June 2024. The TDP gang goes to another house and assures that they will get Rs 6.90 lakh by wishing them congratulations.
Sajjala recalled that during 2014 elections the promises (manifesto) made to the people by TDP-JSP-BJP alliance were deleted from the website soon after coming to power. Not a single promise was fulfilled by the TDP during their tenure and are cheating the people with false promises, said Sajjala.
He alleged that with the new app and website the TDP gangs are resorting to data theft with false promises to the poor. He said that Chandrababu has the habit of cheating the people and not implementing the promises which the people witnessed in 2014. He said that the TDP are hell bent to cheat the people through warranty less guarantee schemes.
Collecting the public data is a crime under cyber crime, taking the voter card is also hindering the privacy of the citizens. This also is considered under Violation of Representation of the People Act and also violating the Election Commission rules. The Chandrababu gang is targeting 5 crore people across the state, said Sajjala.
He said that Chandrababu has the data of all the people in the state which was collected during 2014-19 that includes caste wise, party preference wise data and other data. Now he is collecting the personal data of the people which is very dangerous and risky. We are going to take this to the notice of the Central Election Commission. Sajjala said that the people should be careful with people like Chandrababu and remember what happened from 2014-19.
He alleged that the TDP and the supporting media are hell bent to support Chandrababu and ensure he wins and loot the state for the coming five years.
He criticised Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar for false propaganda against the state government through Citizens for Democracy forum.
Sajjala further made it clear that Skill Development Scam is true and the architect of the scam is none other than Chandrababu.

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