Thursday, November 30, 2023

Vizag gears up for India-Oz T20 tie tomorrow

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The much anticipated international T20 cricket match bewteen India and Australia in Visakhapatnam on November 23 (Thursday), the City Police have made a comprehensive security plan and traffic management strategy. From the moment players arrive at Visakhapatnam’s airport to their stay in designated hotels, the entire city route has undergone thorough ASC, AC, and ROP checks. Rigorous security measures, including carefully devised route packages, have been implemented to ensure the safety of the teams.
For those coming to watch the match, specific parking instructions have been provided based on their location and ticket type. VVIP and VIP motorists are advised to follow designated routes, while ticket holders from Visakhapatnam and other locations are guided to appropriate parking areas.
Barricades surrounding the stadium have been strategically placed to discourage potential disturbances. ACP-level officials are stationed at each stadium gate, conducting comprehensive inspections, validating tickets, and coordinating the entry queue to reduce congestion and maintain order.
With the international T20 cricket match spanning over four hours, approximately 2000 officials and staff have been mobilized to supervise and maintain comprehensive security throughout the event. Emphasis has been placed on unwavering vigilance, with the crime staff actively involved in averting thefts or disturbances within the stadium. Detailed traffic management plans have been carefully devised to guarantee a seamless flow of vehicular movement, eliminating any potential disruptions during the course of the match.
Genuine tickets will exhibit a distinctive green color when torn at a 1-inch level, serving as a visual cue of their authenticity.
Additionally, tickets will be deemed genuine if a gold color security thread is visible when held parallel. To further enhance security, authentic tickets will produce audible music when their barcodes are scanned.
The match ticket provides essential information, including stand and gate numbers, ticket denomination, and seat number, offering clear guidance to the audience for accessing their designated areas. Attendees are cautioned against purchasing color xerox tickets from unidentified sources during the match to avoid any complications.
Prohibiting outside food items and water bottles within the stadium, organizers have made arrangements for snacks and water bottles available on-site for the convenience of spectators. The entire stadium will be under continuous surveillance through closed-circuit cameras (CC cameras), ensuring a high level of security. Strict legal actions will be taken against any illegal activities, including unauthorized selfies with players, in accordance with the law.
In tandem with the security preparations, the Visakhapatnam City Police have issued crucial traffic curbs to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles on the T20 cricket match day.
The Madhurawada Cricket Stadium, with a capacity of 28,000 spectators, calls for non-match-goers to consider alternative routes to avoid congestion on the roads leading to the stadium. Specific routes have been designated for buses and commercial vehicles coming from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Anandapuram to Visakhapatnam city.
Special guidelines for heavy vehicles, including restrictions on timings and alternative routes, have been provided. On match day, heavy vehicles will not be allowed towards the Stadium from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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