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Shades of Red to ace the Xmas fashion

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Festive season and the onset of winters is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to dress up in the latest trends. It’s the time of the year when people prepare to bid a goodbye to the year and excitedly look forward to what lay ahead.

Christmas, a major festival in the western countries, is celebrated across India with a lot of enthusiasm too. Cities like Kerala are entirely decorated for the festival in the colours of red and green.

With a festival so big and the celebrations that ensue, the young Indians are looking for the latest Christmas fashion trends to choose from. Let’s have a look at what is trending right now:

Dazzle in dresses

Dresses are the focus of the Christmas fashion trend. They come in contemporary designs like the A-line dress, sheath dress, and maxi dress, complemented with eye-catching accents. Necklines like the V-neck, the camisole neck, and the sweetheart neck are purposefully created to draw attention to your collarbones and enhance the overall attractiveness of your frame.

The dresses come in a range of lengths, from above-the-knee to floor length, and are mostly made in flowing and bodycon shapes for a figure-flattering appearance.

Shine with Sequin

Everything that glitters is not gold. But everything that glitters is definitely trendy. The sequin long dresses and shirts are a wonderful option for everyone who wants to be on top of their fashion game this Christmas. To emphasise the festive appeal without sacrificing class, the correct amount of bling is applied with embellishments like sequins, beads, and other materials.

Jackets and blazers

The winter collection features blazers, elegant long coats, and jackets for special occasions. With these essential winter pieces, complete styling is effortless whether you wear the dresses with stilettos or boots. This gives you looks for every season and occasions.

Oversized and Understated

Whether it is the baggy pants or loose sweaters, what makes winters exciting is how one can carry casual clothes while feeling comfortable and cosy. If you go for a more urban and stylish appearance, such as straight, slender high-waist pants, a top or blouse with a high neck and full sleeves, and a long, multi-button jacket or short overcoat on top, you will still look attractive.

Layers for lazy evenings

A great idea to spice up your look is to experiment with various jacket textures or fun scarves. Fantastic textures and materials like faux fur, leather, and even velvet will not only go well with your attire but also make you feel terrific. As the cooler months approach, cosy sweaters become a wardrobe need. Wear one over a traditional white button-down dress, over a tissue-weight turtleneck, or under a pinafore dress.

Go retro with Leather

Leather pants are seen as rugged and raw; a style that has survived the test of time. While leather jackets and pants are not seen on the top three positions, they are still a lovely choice for anyone who wants to stand out among the crowd.Combine these with sequin or a loose woollen sweater and you might be in for a surprise.

Christmas is right around the corner and the New Year celebrations will follow shortly. If you are worried about selecting the best dress for yourself, consider one of these trends and rule your fashion game.

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