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SIT notices have same phone number

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PNS | Hyderabad

BJP general secretary Gujjala Premender Reddy filed a petition on 18 November in the TRS MLAs poaching case in the High Court seeking a stay on the SIT investigation into the alleged roles of BL Santosh and Bandi Sanjay’s aide Srinivas.

As per the petition, both B L Santosh and Srinivas were asked to bring a mobile phone with same mobile number.The petition reads, “It is submitted that the SIT has been issuing indiscriminate notices to party functionaries who are in no way concerned with Cr. No. 455 of 2022 without any prudence and harassing them under the guise of investigation. We believe that these names have been forcibly implicated through accused persons and there is every apprehension that the persons who have been served summons would be subjected to harassment and ill-treatment”.

The petition said,” Learned Single Judge of this court would be monitoring the investigation, but completely overlooking the same, the 10 has issued notices in hasty manner without even obtaining prior permission, which is highly illegal and improper on the part of SIT and it is also not out of place to mention herein that the procedure adopted by SIT is nothing but overreaching the order passed by this Hon’ble Court”.

BJP stated that the notices issued by SIT are without any basis and just to harass, humiliate and tarnish the image of the petitioner and its functionaries.Premender Reddy asked that Court to stay the arbitrary and illegal notices issued by SIT  and all further proceedings pursuant thereto and to pass any such other order or orders as this Hon’ble court may deem fit and proper in the interest of justice.

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