Monday, June 24, 2024

SKN plans to gift an auto to Pawan Kalyan fan

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Blockbuster producer S.K.N., who is a big mega fan, continues to delight mega fans. Active on social media, S.K.N. wholeheartedly supports anyone backing mega heroes. He has also earned a good reputation for his charitable activities. Recently, he announced on social media that he would gift an auto to a woman who expressed her support for the Janasena Party.
A woman shared on a YouTube channel that if Pawan Kalyan wins, she will host a party for her village with the money earned from her husband’s rickshaw driving. This video went viral on Twitter. Responding to the tweet, S.K.N. promised to buy her an auto if Janasena wins, as the female fan desired. Many people, including director Maruti, responded to the tweet and praised S.K.N. for his generous heart.

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