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Sreejita De’s address gets leaked on national television by Tina Datta

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As Bigg Boss 16 is growing day by day, the atmosphere in the house is becoming more complex and dense as the inmates are changing mindsets, engaging in foul play, backbiting, using bad words, and much more. However, when such an improper thing happens in the house, it gets beeped up by the makers as it’s not suitable for the audience and also for the image of that particular individual. 

But, what happened in a recent episode of the Salman Khan-hosted show was not only inappropriate but can also lead to some other worse situations, as Tina and Vikas discussed Sreejita De’s abode, which got leaked on national television last night. 

This incident didn’t go well with Sreejita’s fiance, Michael Blohm-Pape as he went dizzy over such a nuisance and peeped a tweet questioning the makers of the show, “Shocked to see addresses of #BiggBoss16 HMs leaked out on National TV.. If cursing can be beeped, then why aren’t safety & privacy important enough!? #SreejitaDe won’t be happy with this, bcoz we surely don’t want the whole world to know where we live!! @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND”

Up until now, there has been no response from the Bigg Boss team on this issue. We hope that it is rectified soon and not repeated.

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