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‘SSMB 28 to be a sure-shot blockbuster,’ said producer Naga Vamsi

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Mahesh Babu – Trivikram’s hat-trick film, SSMB 28 has been in the news ever since the film was announced. There have been reports about how Mahesh Babu was not convinced with the script and wanted it reworked.

Later, there was an issue about the music director and heroines in the film. When everything got sorted and started filming in last September, Mahesh reportedly wanted the stunt masters to be changed from Anbariv to Ram Laxman. As a result, the action sequences canned in the first schedule were scrapped.

After a break due to the unfortunate demise of Mahesh’s mother Indira Devi and father superstar Krishna , the film once again resumed it’s work after brief discussions and changes in the script.

The film’s release date is announced for Pongal, 2024 and a massy first look poster was also unveiled. When everything seems going smooth with the film’s canned scenes between lead pair, Mahesh and Sree Leela and also on other actors, shocking news started circulating since the thursday morning.

As per reports, Trivikram told Mahesh, who has recently returned from vacation, that scenes shot between the lead pair to be scrapped. Mahesh is said to be dissatisfied with the progress of the film, suggest reports.

All these developments made fans worry about the project. Another news is out that Producer China Babu and Naga Vamsi met Mahesh and asked a week time to finalise about next schedule.

Clearing the air, and trashing all these rumours, producer naga Vamsi assured that the film will be nothingbut a blockbuster. He also said that they are working on their own pace as the release date is still have long time. He also announced that to watch out for a surprise on 31St May. The date is Superstar Krishna’s birth anniversary and it is a ritual for Mahesh to release a poster or teaser on that day. So, we can expect some glimpse of #SSMB28 on 31St May.

Naga Vamsi took to his twitter and said, “If these gossip mongers can take a hike or make movies like they spread rumours, Industry can benefit. We want #SSMB28 to be a sure-shot blockbuster, and you take our word on it. It would be better to let us work at our pace in peace. Remember it is Jan 2024 release film! Fans, you loved FL, Just wait and watch on May 31st, what we are upto.There is no poetry in this statement.”

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