Thursday, May 30, 2024

 Stern steps taken for polling in problematic villages: SP

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Bapatla District’s Superintendent of Police, Vakul Jindal, has emphasized the robust steps being taken by law enforcement to ensure the smooth conduct of general elections amidst potentially volatile environments. Over the weekend, he inspected polling centres in Cherukupalli, Nagaram, and Nizampatnam Police Station areas within the Repalle Constituency of Bapatla district. During these visits, he provided comprehensive directives to officials regarding preemptive actions required to avert any disruptions during the polling process.
SP Vakul Jindal meticulously surveyed polling centres in Rambotlapalem and Gullapalli villages under the jurisdiction of Cherukupalli police station, as well as those in Nagaram, Borumadiga Palli, and Yeletipalem villages under Nagaram police station. Additionally, he visited polling centres in Nizampatnam, Amudalapalli, Gokarnamatham, and other villages flagged for potential issues under the Nizampatnam police station. Stressing the importance of a peaceful nomination process for candidates across the district, he assured that all efforts are being made to maintain tranquillity.
In anticipation of the upcoming polling day on May 13th, SP Vakul Jindal underscored the meticulous identification of polling centres district-wide.

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