Monday, March 4, 2024

Supreme Court asks CBI to change investigation officer in YS Viveka murder case

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A crucial development took place today in YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case after the Supreme Court expressed its anger over the conduct of the CBI in the Viveka case and issued orders to immediately change the investigating officer. The Supreme Court issued these orders during the hearing on the petition of Tulasamma, the wife of Sivashankar Reddy, who is an accused in the case.

Expressing impatience that there is no progress in the status report of this case, the Supreme Court has ordered to speed up the investigation. Justice MR Shah directed the CBI to change the investigating officer Ram Singh.

The court expressed impatience that there was no progress in the investigation of the case and said that the reasons mentioned (political reasons) in the status report are not enough to catch the culprits. It recalled the High Court comments that there was a huge conspiracy in Viveka’s murder.

The Supreme Bench said that it does not want to make any comments on the merits of the case. Later, the Supreme Court adjourned the further hearing on this petition to next month.


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