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TDP-BJP-JSP playing the same old game: Sajjala

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Government Advisor (Public Affairs) and YSRCP State general secretary, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, has said that after 10 years, the alliance (TDP-BJP-JSP) had resumed the same old game. Alliances among the trio of parties are not new, he noted.
Speaking to the media, Sajjala criticised that all the promises made by the alliance 10 years ago were forgotten after coming to power. He recalled that Chandrababu had insulted Prime Minister Modi at will and now had stooped so low as to ally personal interest.
Sajjala pointed out that after the past dirty episode, all three parties shamelessly came together on the same stage only to criticize Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Sajjala alleged that instead of explaining what the trio alliance will do for the people of AP, they have been criticizing the police for the poor show and poor organization of the meeting.
The alliance wanted to come to power urgently, Sajjala pointed out, and asked what happened to the promises given to the people in 2014, seeking an explanation to the people.
Sajjala said that the opposition has only one job: to strive for an alliance, then break up and rejoin, seeking an explanation from the people. He further asked for an explanation to the people of how many out of the 600 promises made have been implemented. He alleged that the alliance promised to give plots and to build houses for free; the alliance further cheated the farmers in the name of loan waivers and DWCRA women of loan waivers. Once again, the same old trio alliance shared the dais to deceive the people of Andhra Pradesh with false promises.
The Government Advisor pointed out that the leaders of the alliance could not even organise a small meeting in an organized way. He said that the Prime Minister was also insulted due to poor arrangements. Sajjala questioned whether the people of AP would believe when Modi says that Congress and YSRCP are the same.
Sajjala further questioned why Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan didn’t ask PM Modi about the unfulfilled promises to the state by the BJP government at the centre. A leader must have unwavering honesty, he emphasised.
Sajjala stated that 87 per cent of families have benefited under Jagan’s government welfare schemes. That is why the people of Andhra Pradesh want Jagan Mohan Reddy as the Chief Minister again and again.
He also commented on Sharmila, saying that the APCC chief can compete in the 2024 elections from anywhere in AP. “We don’t need to care because the Congress party got fewer votes than Nota,” said Sajjala.

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