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TDP ex-MLA’s challenge for open debate leads to tension

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Tension prevailed at Rayavaram village in Anaparthi mandal as former MLA and Telugu Desam party leader Nallamili Ramakrishna Reddy dared an open debate on the massive corruption of YSRCP MLA Satti Suryanarayana Reddy.
Nallimilli Ramakrishna Reddy has been levelling corruption charges against YSRCP MLA Satti Suryanarayana Reddy for the last few months. Their allegations and condemnations reached a peak on Friday as the TDP former MLA Ramakrishna Reddy, along with a large number of his followers, started from his house at Rayavaram to go to Anaparti for an open debate with the YSRCP MLA Suryanarayana Reddy.
Sensing the trouble, the police prevented Nallimilli Ramakrishna Reddy from going to Anaparti. The TDP activists and the police jostled at the village leading to a tense situation. The police confined TDP ex-MLA in his car in the village.
However, the police dispersed the TDP activists.
Talking to the media Ramakrishna Reddy said that he wanted an open debate on the massive corruption of the YSRCP MLA but the police prevented him. Ramakrishna Reddy alleged that the YSRCP MLA grabbed the land of a high school but the officials did not take action.  The YSRCP MLA also indulged in Rs 15 crore corruption in the land acquisitions for distribution of house sites to the poor, he slammed.
On February 19, TDP ex-MLA went to the YSRCP MLA Suryanarayana Reddy’s hospital in Anaparthi and distributed pamphlets to the hospital staff on the corruption committed by the YSRCP MLA.    The YSRCP MLA expressed anger over the TDP ex-MLA distributing leaflets to the hospital staff.

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