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TDP’s ‘Super-6’ schemes will support women: Brahmani

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Nara Lokesh’s wife of Nara Brahmani has said that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu will work with extra zeal for the people of Andhra Pradesh and no one can match him in this regard. As part of the election campaign conducted in the Mangalagiri constituency, she visited Yerrabalem, Sandhya Spices Company and spoke to the workers.
Brahmani said that Naidu and Lokesh constantly strive for women’s empowerment and economic self-reliance. At present, there are one crore Dwcra members and Naidu is the reason for Dwcra groups to have reached this level. It was Naidu who allowed Pratibha Bharati to become the first woman Assembly speaker. With the intention that financial difficulties should not be a hindrance to women’s education, a programme called ‘Kalalaku Rekkalu was recently announced. Through this, interest-free loans are available through banks for education. Employment has been provided to the youth through the establishment of large-scale engineering colleges and professional courses during the undivided AP. Super-6 schemes were announced to relieve the poor people from their hardships. To increase the income of women and provide them with financial support, Lokesh is implementing the Stree Shakti Scheme in Mangalagiri.
Brahmini recalled “Anna Canteen used to quench hunger with Rs 5. When Jagan’s government came, the canteens were closed. People are facing difficulties due to the lack of public toilets in the village. Roads are in a bad condition. In the last five years, the prices of essentials have increased tremendously. Electricity bills have doubled. In the past, when the capital works were underway, the financial condition working section was better.”

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