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Bonda rattled as he is guilty in stone attack case

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Former MLA Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao, the TDP’s candidate for the Vijayawada Central Assembly constituency, is facing criticism over recent actions, potentially leading to concerns about his electoral prospects, according to remarks made by Velampalli Srinivasa Rao, the former minister and YSRCP candidate for the same constituency.
As part of his election campaign, Srinivasa Rao canvassed in the Ramakrishnapuram area of the 30th division on Saturday, engaging with constituents.
Addressing the media afterwards, Srinivasa Rao expressed regret over his previous association with Bonda Uma, particularly regarding the recent incident involving stone pelting against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He suggested that Bonda Uma’s actions could cost him dearly in the upcoming elections, questioning his secretive filing of nomination papers and describing a recent incident at his office in Ajith Singh Nagar as a ‘drama.’
Srinivasa Rao further asserted that Bonda Uma lacks support from the people and is unsuitable for candidacy, citing allegations of attempted harm against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the reported affiliation with Vemula Satish.
Meanwhile, expressing confidence in the YSRCP’s prospects, Srinivasa Rao predicted a significant victory for the party in the upcoming elections, suggesting that Bonda Uma may even lose his deposit. He also announced his intention to file his nomination papers on April 22, urging party leaders and supporters to remain steadfast in their efforts.”

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