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Telangana State Martyrs’ Memorial cries for attention

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Chithaluri Revanth

It has been more than eight months since the Telangana martyrs’ memorial was unveiled by then chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao but now it is in an unconcerned condition. The stainless steel structure is now coated with a layer of dust. Plastic covers, bags and equipment and other material are littered inside the memorial. Potted plants have dried up and proper cleanliness is not being maintained at the memorial. The foundation for the memorial was laid in June 2017 and it was inaugurated on June 22, 2023.
It is spread across 3.29 acre land on the banks of Hussain Sagar. The stainless steel structure has a built-up area of 2.68 lakh square feet.  It was built at a cost of Rs 177.50 crore, which resembles the spirit of the sacrificed lives for self rule in Telangana.
The officials are not allowing the general public inside, though it was inaugurated in June 2023. People of Telangana well-versed with the struggle of Telangana are coming for a visit but they have been disappointed as they were not allowed to see the memorial.
According to the sources the photos of martyrs have not been put up inside the memorial. Before the elections, around 200 to 250 workers were there daily but, for the past two months, workers are not coming for the reamining work.
On June 22 then CM K Chandrasekhar Rao said, “Telangana Talli statue will come up between Martyrs Memorial and the Secretariat.” But nothing has happened there and the area is deserted.
When the stupa was unveiled on June 22, then TPCC president A Revanth Reddy alleged that the Martyr’s Sthupam, which had been started with a budget of Rs 63 crore, reached Rs 179 crore.
A Telanganite who fought for separate Telangana named Kompelli Raju said, “Parties may have different ideologies and thinking but this memorial is meant for pride of the State and honour to the martyrs. They can politicise and criticise one another, but they should not forget the spirit of Telangana and martyrs of Telangana. So I am requesting the government to complete the works as soon as possible and maintain it as sacred as a temple.”

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