Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tension triggers at Gandhi Bhavan after clash between Congress leaders

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The differences between the Telangana Congress Party leaders were exposed at Gandhi Bhavan infront of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh who came to reconcile between the leaders. According to the details, Anil Kumar got into an argument with NSUI student leaders at Gandhi Bhavan. In this order, NSUI student leaders tried to attack Anil Kumar for insulting Congress MP Uttam Kumar Reddy. On this occasion, Jai Congress, Save Congress slogans were raised to save party. With this, suddenly there was an atmosphere of war in Gandhi Bhavan.

Congress leader Mallu Ravi responded after this incident at Gandhi Bhavan. He said issues of OU students are in the focus of the party and opined that disputes will be resolved. It seems that Digvijay Singh has fumed at the leaders of the Telangana Congress.

He spoke to the party leaders separately and seems that he strongly reprimanded them. He suggested to there should not be differences between the leaders over junior and senior. He said if there are problems, it should be brought to the notice of the High command.

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