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The Big-Reveal In Secret Invasion: Will it cause tensions between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury in The Marvels?

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This DNA Vial could potentially cause problems for Nick Fury and Captain Marvel in The Marvels!

The Marvels is set right after Secret Invasion in the MCU timeline. The film can shape the entire Phase-5 and add some key factors for the future of the MCU altogether. Ever since its announcement, The Marvels has been a playground for a lot of fan theories and speculations behind the lightning team-up of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms Marvel. The finale of the predeceasing series has got the fans excited like never before to see where the story heads in The Marvels.

A DNA sample of The Avengers and many enhanced individuals namely ‘The Harvest’ was unveiled to grant superhero abilities to the user and was collected by Skrulls on Nick Fury’s order during the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame.This can prove to be pivotal in shaping Captain Marvel and Nick Fury’s long-known alliance and causing strained trust between the two.

We have already witnessed the wonders of The Harvest when G’IA’h and Gravik put their newly found capabilities to use, the fans could specifically point out Captain Marvel’s powers. This is because Gravik stole Carol Danvers’ DNA from Nick Fury himself!

Recently, Samuel O’ Jackson hinted at a connection between the two projects stating “The series has to happen so that The Marvels can happen. All these things are connected in an interesting sort of way.” which possibly means that Captain Marvel might interact with Fury based on the fact that The Harvest was created using the DNA samples of not just the Avengers but Thanos and his Dark order as well!

Learning that nobody involved in the battle had consented to the creation of The superhuman DNA strain and it falling into the wrong hands may bring some heat between The Avengers and Nick Fury.

Audiences are even more excited for The Marvels after witnessing this twist from Secret Invasion which can change the entire course of MCU!

The Marvels are all set to shine bright this Diwali, only in theatres in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

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