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The Cast of Class spills hidden talents of each other

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Netflix’s upcoming young adult drama series is an exciting and intriguing adaptation of Netflix’s popular global series, Elite. Produced by Bodhitree Multimedia Limited in association with Future East and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia, the show follows the tumultuous events that unfurl when two worlds collide, shaking up families, relationships and the lives of Hampton International’s students.

In a fun conversation with the cast, they revealed that if they weren’t actors and students in class, what their co-actors alternate job would be. Chayan, who plays the character of Dhruv in the show, said that his co-actor Yashika would be a photographer, “Yashika has an eye for detail and composition, I can totally see her capturing beautiful moments behind the lens.”

Gurfateh, who plays the role of Neeraj, said that his co-actor Chayan would be Ranbir Kapoor from Tamasha, “Chayan is a natural performer, and he can easily pull off any role. He has that emotional radar, just like Ranbir Kapoor.”

Anjali, who plays the role of Suhani, said that her co-actor Piyush would be a public speaker, “Piyush is a great listener and he has a way with words. He can easily hold an audience’s attention, I can see him being a great public speaker.”

The cast also revealed that they have a close-knit relationship with each other. They are constantly in touch, sending each other memes and pictures, and have a group on WhatsApp. “We’re a close-knit bunch,” said Anjali. “Even if we’re not working, we’re constantly in touch with each other.”

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