Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘The city enjoys strong support from central government’

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This week for our special column of Hyderabond, Vijay Pasupaleti, founder of Odin School, takes us through his association with the city, what according to him makes Hyderabad different from the rest, and more.


Vijay Pasupaleti, the founder and CEO of Odin School, who completed his engineering from NIT Warangal, later set off to the US for his MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business. After completing his education, he worked at some of the biggest Wall Street firms for over ten years in the US. He then returned as part of the Goldman Sachs team to set up operations in Bangalore and Mumbai. While setting up these operations, he realised the dire skill gap and that is when he decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship in the edutech domain but in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has been very kind to him, from the very beginning. He asserted, “Hyderabad, in comparison to Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities, stands out as a delightful and charming city. I firmly believe that Hyderabad’s rapid growth and thriving ecosystem make it the ideal destination for startups. The city enjoys strong support from both the central and local governments, especially with the presence of a significant incubator like T-HUB. Entrepreneurs are readily drawn to establish their companies here. With a rich pool of talent, adequate demand, and promising employment opportunities, Hyderabad proves to be a favorable location. Personally, I have experienced great hospitality and success in Hyderabad. Finally, the city’s remarkable ecosystem, encompassing ideas, financial backing, and supportive networks, contribute to the great attraction for startups.”

What he finds truly eye-opening in Hyderabad is the people. Regardless of your performance at work, you will always be surrounded by supportive individuals. The environment here is incredibly encouraging, which is something he hasn’t experienced to this extent anywhere else. The people of Hyderabad create a unique and uplifting atmosphere that fosters growth and inspires one to excel in their career.

“I have lived in Bangalore and Mumbai. Hyderabad offers better traffic conditions than Bangalore, has a lower cost of living than Mumbai, and less pollution than Delhi. The city boasts excellent infrastructure and welcoming, helpful people. The delicious food is a delightful bonus,” he declared. The education sector in Hyderabad, overall, has a thriving education sector. Telangana boasts an impressive number of over 240 engineering colleges, the highest perhaps in the country. The appeal of education in this region extends beyond the locals, attracting students from various other states seeking better opportunities in Hyderabad. Hyderabad houses high-quality universities, catering to the growing demand for skilled candidates in various industries. This contributes significantly to the development of an excellent education ecosystem. As a result, the city produces a diverse range of talents, spanning fields such as medicine, agriculture, MBA, and more.

With such a robust educational landscape, Hyderabad stands as a wonderful hub for accessing top-notch talent. “For me, Hyderabad was the chosen location for setting up OdinSchool. In the past two years since its inception it has rapidly gained popularity and is now helping learners from the entire nation upskill towards better careers. This decision was aided by the fact that the entire founding team hails from Hyderabad. Moreover, the initial talent we recruited to kickstart it also comes from Hyderabad.”

OdinSchool is an online edutech upskilling platform that helps people launch, transform, and propel their careers in high-growth domains. He believes that upskilling when done in a rigorous, hands-on outcome-oriented manner is the key to bridging the skill gap in the industry. He addresses the needs of both the important stakeholders of the skill gap scenario—the learner community that wants to upskill for better careers and the industry that wants skilled talent who can solve business problems. Additionally, to ensure clarity and understanding, live doubt clarification is available every day, enabling learners to address any questions or concerns they may have throughout their learning journey. The boot camps emphasize project-based hands-on!

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