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Time for Naidu & Lokesh to pack up: Perni

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In a scathing attack on Opposition TDP leaders, former minister Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) has asserted that the chairs belonging to Chandrababu and Lokesh were metaphorically folded in 2019, and he foresees a repeat performance in 2024, urging them to prepare for their departure.
Nani pointed out that not a single welfare scheme comes to mind when Chandrababu’s name is mentioned, citing the sparsely occupied chairs at TDP meetings as evidence.
Nani delivered a resounding rebuttal to Chandrababu’s recent challenges, characterizing the opposition leader’s rhetoric as akin to empty promises, likening him to a “babbler” (pittala dora).
He specifically criticised Chandrababu’s failure to deliver on promises made during his tenure, highlighting instances such as the unfulfilled pledges made during his visit to the Bandar (Machilipatnam) port in 2014. Nani questioned Chandrababu’s track record, asking whether the promised harbour port was completed and whether the commitments regarding land allocation for projects like Aqua Hub were honoured. He accused Chandrababu of misleading the public with unrealistic assurances, such as the promise of job opportunities for locals at the Bandar port.
Nani lambasted Chandrababu for betraying the trust of the electorate who voted the TDP into power in 2014, accusing him of failing to deliver on his promises. He portrayed the opposition leader as adept at deceiving the people of Andhra Pradesh, contrasting Chandrababu’s performance unfavourably with that of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who, he claimed, had fulfilled a significant majority of his promises. Nani dismissed Chandrababu’s credibility to critique CM Jagan, challenging him to name even a single significant achievement from his 14-year tenure as chief minister.

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