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‘Tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting may be for submitting resignations’

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Former TPCC President N. Uttam Kumar Reddy said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao might have convened the Monday Cabinet meeting to submit resignations.
“I don’t know why KCR convened a Cabinet meeting on Monday. Perhaps, KCR convened the meeting to submit resignations,” Uttam said.
Speaking to the media after filing a complaint with CEO Vikas Raj on Saturday, Uttam said that he will shave off his beard as the Congress is going to win the elections.
He said that he doesn’t know about camp politics. However, there is nothing wrong in conducting camp politics in the current situation, Uttam said.
He said that the Congress high command will decide the CM. “I will speak on the CM issue only after the results come out. I have full confidence that the Congress will come to power with a full majority,” Uttam said.
Speaking to the media, senior Congress leader T. Jeevan Reddy said that KCR might have decided to quit after seeing exit polls. He said that there is a convention of government members submitting resignations en masse immediately after election results are out.
However, KCR convened a Cabinet meeting on December 4, but there is no need for that if KCR is confident of victory, he said.
Jeevan said that anti-incumbency was created by KCR’s dictatorial attitude and so people want change and the Congress is going to form the government.
He said that KCR made people slaves of liquor to fund his welfare schemes. Liquor has become the main revenue source of the state as it increased from Rs 8000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore.
“Some people think that the results would be in their favour as they gave money to voters.
But in a democracy people are intelligent and they voted silently on November 30,” Jeevan said.

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