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All set for counting of votes in districts

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All arrangements have been made for counting of votes across Telangana on Sunday. Elaborate security arrangements have been made for the counting of votes.
In Suryapeta district, the counting for Suryapet, Kodad, Huzurnagar and Tungaturti Assembly constituencies will take place at the Agricultural Market Yard in Suryapet. One hall has been allotted for each constituency.
Meanwhile, three-tier security has been provided at all strong rooms with the state police, state armed police and Central police forces guarding the facility.
The strong rooms would be opened at 7 am in the presence of the contestants and the EVMs would be brought to the counting tables.  The counting begins at 8 am. First postal ballots would be counted. Afterwards, the votes polled would be counted.  The counting would be completed in 22 rounds. In all, 14 counting tables have been arranged. Each table would have a counting supervisor, counting assistant and a micro-observer. Four tables have been arranged for counting of the postal ballots and one table reserved for counting of the service voters.
The first result to be announced would pertain to Suryapet as the counting can be completed in just 20 rounds, while the Tungaturti result would be last to declare as it requires 24 rounds to count. To complete each round, it would take at least 20-40 minutes.
In the erstwhile Adilabad district, counting of votes for 10 Assembly constituencies would take place in four counting centres in Adilabad.  The counting of votes would take place for Adilabad, Boath, Nirmal, Mudhol, Khanapur, Mancherial, Bellampalli, Chennur, Asifabad and Sirpur constituencies.  The fate of over 146 contestants belonging to all parties would be decided on Sunday. The undivided Adilabad district recorded 78.66% polling. In all, 200 personnel were drafted for the counting exercise at each counting centre.
RV Karnan, the district collector and returning officer, has called upon the election officials to conduct the counting of votes in a pleasant atmosphere.
He was addressing the counting observers PratipalChowhan and R Manula Raj, Jainendra Singh and others at the training programme held on counting at the Udayaditya Bhavan on the premises of collectorate on Saturday.
He told them that counting of votes for six assembly segments would begin at 8 am on Sunday at the counting centres located in Godowns, Duppalapalli. First, the postal ballots would be taken up for counting.  In all 15 counting tables, including one reserved for counting the postal ballots, have been allotted for each constituency. A counting supervisor, counting assistant and a micro-observer would be posted at each table.  Reserve teams and postal ballot counting teams would be kept ready for each constituency.  In case of any problem, the returning officer should be alerted immediately. The micro-observers should observe the whole counting process and take precautions to rule out any problems. The returning officer should get results round wise.  The results should be shown to the counting agents and their signature should be obtained.
He made power-point presentation on the whole counting process.
Returning officer Hemant Kesav Patil, Lead Bank Manager Shramik, Nodal officers Venkaiah, Raj Kumar and others were present.

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