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TPCC embarks on assessing performance of leaders

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K Venkateshwarlu

Telangana Congress has been making strenuous efforts to win the upcoming Assembly elections at any cost. As part of it, the Congress party started assessing the performance of the TPCC leaders.

The party released a list of TPCC official spokespersons whose performance was assessed for the last three weeks. The Telangana Congress has 37 official spokespersons. However, nine official spokespersons have got full marks. They are Kalva Sujatha, Mahesh Konagala, Galreddy Harshavardhan Reddy, Marikanti Bhavani Reddy, Sama Ram Mohan Reddy, Myadam Balakrishna, Vedire Yogeshwar Reddy, Zaheer Akthar and Shekshavali Achari.

However, four official spokespersons, named Singireddy Harivardhan Reddy, M Ramachandra Reddy, Korivi Venkat Ratnam and Chukkala Uday Chandra have got zero marks.

In fact, the TPCC assessed the performance on four factors, such as attendance, press meets, small videos and district visits. The TPCC allocated districts for them to visit. The official spokespersons have to visit the allocated district.

The official spokespersons have to attend the Gandhi Bhavan regularly, particularly on their rotation day. The TPCC divided them into six teams and they have to attend Gandhi Bhavan on rotation. The teams have to conduct press meets on their due day. They have to do small videos on public issues or party issues in the district allocated to them. They have to visit their districts once a week and they have to do a small video there and send the same to Gandhi Bhavan.

It is learnt that the TPCC senior vice-president Mallu Ravi and vice-president Chamala Kiran Kumar Reddy have been assessing the performance of the official spokespersons.

It is also learnt that the exercise has been taken up because of difference between leaders who recommended the names for the official spokespersons . However, one of the official spokespersons told The Pioneer that this exercise will help the party in a big way.

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