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Traffic advisory issued for Hazrat Ali’s death anniversary

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The Hyderabad police on Saturday announced traffic restrictions to be imposed on Sunday during the death anniversary of Hazrat Ali. The restrictions will remain in force from 2pm to 8 pm.
A procession will begin from Inside the Charminar Monument and proceed towards Masjid E imamia near Kali Kabar (in the limits of Traffic PS Mirchowk) Via Charkaman – Gulzar House – Pather Gatti – Madina – right wrong side towards Tipu Khana Majid – right turn Chatta Bazar – Lakkad Kote left turn – Salama School Purani Haveli right turn APAT X roads left turn – Darushifa Grounds – S.J Rotary – Abid Ali Khan eye Hospital – Masjid e Imamia right turn (ending point). On enroute in Between Charminar Monument to Kalikhaber MGBS Exit gate traffic will be diverted from 2 pm to 8 pm.
When procession start at Charminar Monument   from 2 pm to 4.30 pm Irani Galli Arman Café When the procession is at Charminar The traffic coming from the Etabar chowk will not allow towards the Gulzar house and it would be diverted at Irani Galli I.e Arman Café towards Kotla Alijha / Hafiz Danka Masque. mitti ka sher/ Houz When the procession is at Charminar The Traffic coming from Ghansi bazaar and Mitti ke Sher will not allow towards Gulzar House it will be diverted from Sher E batil Kaman, towards Ghansi bazaar and Mitti ke Sher. High court road.
Nayapool When the procession is at Madina junction and proceed towards Tipu Khana Masque wrong side the traffic coming from the Nayapool should be stopped at Nayapool till the tail end of the procession enters into the Chatta bazaar.  When procession Tippu Khana Mosque Chatta Bazar turning   In between 4.30 PM to 7.00 PM Tipu Khana Mosque Chatta Bazaar Turning When the procession enters into the Chatta Bazar the traffic would not allowed from by-lanes towards Chatta bazar till the procession reached to the APAT Junction.

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