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Train services rescheduled due to derailment

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The restoration work was carried out on war footing and one of the lines has been declared fit for running trains. Now, the train services will resume on one line while the other line will also be restored very soon.

Trains are either cancelled or diverted due to the derailment of an empty goods train near Korei Station in the Bhadrak – Kapilas Road section leading to infringement of up & down lines. Hence the following trains are cancelled, diverted or short-terminated as detailed below.

Due to the derailment of the goods train, the trains that are rescheduled are
The train No.18513 Kirandul-Visakhapatnam Express leaving Kirandul on 21.11.2022 is rescheduled to leave at 18.00Hrs instead of 15.00 hours.
The train No.18530 Visakhapatnam-Durg Express leaving Visakhapatnam on 21.11.2022 is rescheduled to leave at 18.30 hrs instead of 16.55 hrs.

The short termination/ shot origination of trains are train No 08551 Visakhapatnam-Kirandul special leaving Visakhapatnam on 21.11.2022 was short-terminated at Koraput.train No 08552 Kirandul-Visakhapatnam special leaving Kirandul on 21.11.2022 was short-terminated at Koraput and returned as 08551 from Koraput to Kirandul.

The services of the Third Vistadome coach to 08552 Kirandul-Visakhapatnam train leaving Kirandul on 22.11.2022 is cancelled

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